German Short Rows

Why use the German Short Row Technique?

For elegant short-row shaping with minimal gaps or distorted stitches, Shibui Knits recommends the German Short Row technique. With no stitch markers or yarn overs to keep track of, German Short Rows are a simple, intuitive way to add shaping to garments and accessories.

Step 1

Work the number of stitches called for in the pattern. Turn the work.

Step 2

With yarn in front, slip the first stitch purlwise.

Step 3

Tug the yarn up and over the needle. This creates a “double” stitch. Continue working the row as instructed in pattern.

Short row is worked the same on the right and wrong sides of the fabric: slip the first stitch purlwise wyif. Tug the yarn up and over the needle, creating a “double” stitch. Continue row as instructed in pattern.

Step 4

To complete the short row, knit or purl the entire row, working double stitches together.