Lateral Braid

What is a Lateral Braid?

A lateral braid, also known as a Vikkel or Estonian braid, is a decorative “braid” that runs horizontally along the surface of the fabric. It creates a neat finish between two fabrics, whether transitioning from ribbing to stockinette, or from one yarn combination to another. It is normal for the row of stitches immediately above the braid will be elongated as a result of working the braid.


CO 1 st using the cable cast on method as folls:

Step A

Insert RH needle between first two sts on LH needle.

Step B

Wrap yarn around RH needle and pull through gap.

Step C

Place resulting st on LH needle. 1 st cast on.

Creating the Braid

Step 1

Knit the 2nd st on the LH needle through the back loop (tbl). Leave st on needle.

Step 2

Knit the 1st st on the LH needle through the front loop. Drop both sts off the needle.

Step 3

Slip the last st worked from the RH needle to the LH needle.

Repeat steps 1–3 to last 2 sts. Rep steps 1–2 once more. Knit final st through the front loop. Pass previous st over.

Using Stitch Markers with a Lateral Braid

Work lateral braid as established until you reach the marker.

Remove the marker.

Slip the last st worked from the RH needle to the LH needle and replace marker.

Continue working lateral braid.