Storing Handknits

Proper storage is one of the keys to keeping your handknits looking their best. We recommend you store knits flat, rather than hanging them, as the weight of the garment will strain the stitches, leading to distortion around the hanger — flat storage gives the fabric a chance to relax and recover. Before storing your projects away for the summer (or winter), give them a gentle wash to discourage pests, and complete any necessary maintenance, such as de-pilling or repairing holes. Some common storage options are suggested below; keep in mind that if you choose to use a clear container, it should be kept away from direct sunlight.

Storage Boxes

Boxes are a great solution for storing handknits — from traditional cedar chests to clear plastic boxes that allow you to see what is stored within — boxes prevent handknits from being crushed, are easy to stack, and help keep pests at bay.

Fabric Storage Bags

There are a wide variety of fabric storage bags on the market, with diverse price points. Be sure to choose a bag that closes completely to keep your projects secure.

Plastic Storage Bags

Plastic storage bags are also a good option for storing handknits, but be sure not to pack them too full, as garments should have room to breathe so they do not wrinkle.

Proper storage will help ensure longevity of your handknits. As you wear your garment, pilling may occur naturally, requiring occasional maintenance.